New Issue: Trade, Law and Development

The latest issue of Trade, Law and Development, a journal published by the students of National Law University, Jodhpur (India), has just been published. Contents include:


Human Rights and International Economic Law ABSTRACT PDF
– Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann 283-314
Investment Treaty Breach as Internationally Proscribed Conduct: Shifting Scope, Evolving Objectives, Recalibrated Remedies? ABSTRACT PDF
– Mavluda Sattorova 315-352
Doha Round Negotiations: Problems, Potential Outcomes and Possible Implications ABSTRACT PDF
– Surendra Bhandari 353-384
Notes and Comments
Challenges in Intellectual Property Governance: Providing the Right Incentives in the Quest for Global Innovation ABSTRACT PDF
– Daniel Gervais 385-399
A Note on the Appellate Body Report in the Chinese Minerals Export Restrictions Case ABSTRACT PDF
– Mitsuo Matsushita 400-420
A Balancing Act: Using WTO Dispute Settlement to Resolve Regional Trade Agreement Disputes ABSTRACT PDF
– Felicity Hammond 421-450
Book Review
A Review of Sonia E. Rolland, Development at the World Trade Organization (Oxford Univ. Press 2012) PDF
– Nicolas Lamp 451-471

As a consulting editor for TL&D, I would like to congratulate the Editors for putting together another wonderful Issue!


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