Korean Professor Appointed to WTO Appellate Body

According to latest reports, Prof. Seung Wha Chang, a professor of law at Seoul National University, has been appointed as a member of the WTO Appellate Body. Prof. Chang will fill in the vacancy arising out of the resignation of Mr. Shotaro Oshima, a Japanese national and diplomat who resigned from the AB on January 7. Here is his unofficial biography from the Harvard website:

Seung Wha Chang has been a Professor of Law at Seoul National University School of Law since 1995 and has taught international trade, international business transactions, and international arbitration. Professor Chang also taught as Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, NYU, Duke, Georgetown, UCLA, NUS and other law schools. Prior to teaching, he practiced at Covington & Burling and was a Judge of the Seoul District Court. Professor Chang served as a WTO Panelist for seven highly profiled dispute settlement proceedings including US-FSC and Canada-Aircraft II. He is one of the leading arbitrators in the Asia-Pacific region and regularly serves as an arbitrator (sole, co-arbitrator or chair) for ICC and other leading arbitral institutions. Professor Chang is currently Co-President of APRAG and also serves as Chairman of Korean Council for International Arbitration and Member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

ILCurry wishes Prof. Chang the best for his term at the AB. Our best wishes also to Mr. Oshima for a healthy and fulfilling post-AB life!


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