ITLOS Issues Judgment in Bangladesh/Myanmar Delimitation Dispute

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) delivered its judgment in the maritime delimitation dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar on 14 March 2012. I have previously discussed the dispute here.

All the documents relating to the dispute can be found here. The final judgment can be found here (but, see the separate opinions also). An ITLOS press release succinctly summarizes the dispute and the judgment.

In reacting to the judgment, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh observed that the ruling constitutes “the equitable solution that Bangladesh has long desired, but was unable to obtain during 38 years of diplomatic stalemate preceding the lawsuit.” She went on to note:

But it is a victory for both States … because it finally resolves – peacefully and according to international law – a problem that had hampered the economic development of both States for more than three decades. We salute Myanmar for its willingness to resolve this matter by legal means and for its acceptance of the tribunal’s judgment.

See also: this report in The Irrawaddy by Joseph Allchin


2 thoughts on “ITLOS Issues Judgment in Bangladesh/Myanmar Delimitation Dispute

  1. Thanks, Isaias. This is interesting, but hardly surprising, considering the situation in South Asia. I have read some other reports on how the ITLOS judgment has emboldened Bangladesh, and I certainly think this was a shot in its arm considering Bangladesh has historically had a mixed relationship with international law (recall Saipem).


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