New WTO Appellate Body Members Appointed

Two new Members, an Indian and an American, were recently appointed to the WTO Appellate Body, the apex adjudicatory body for inter-state disputes under WTO law. The WTO website notes:

Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) appointed on 18 November 2011 the following two new members to the seven-member Appellate Body: Messrs Ujal Singh Bhatia of India and Thomas R. Graham of the United States for four years commencing on 11 December 2011.

Mr. Bhatia and Mr. Graham replace AB Members Ms. Lilia Bautista (Philippines) and Ms. Jennifer Hillman (US), whose terms are set to expire soon. The biographical note for Mr. Bhatia, a retired Indian bureaucrat and diplomat, is available here. Mr. Graham’s background is detailed here and here.

ILCurry thanks Ms. Hillman and Ms. Bautista for their contribution to WTO dispute settlement, and wishes Mr. Bhatia and Mr. Graham the best for their terms.


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