Nimoo-Bazgo — Another Kishanganga?

If recent news reports are to be believed, Pakistan is now looking to initiate another arbitration proceeding over the Nimoo-Bazgo hydroelectric power project, situated around 70 KMs from Leh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, for allegedly violating the Indus Water Treaty. The report notes:

The decision to approach the ICJ [sic] on the Nimoo-Bazgo project was made after Pakistani officials made their first visit to the project site and concluded it was allegedly in “total violation” of the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960, a senior unnamed member of Pakistan’s Indus Waters Commission told the media.

The Pakistani delegation that visited the Nimoo-Bazgo and Chutak projects has submitted its report to the Water and Power Ministry for further action.


The unnamed official claimed India would be able to complete the Nimoo-Bazgo project by July 2012 and thus “suffocate” the water flow in the Indus.


The design of its gated spillways and the depth of the dam allegedly breaches the Indus Waters Treaty. The Pakistani side has raised five objections to the design of the project. 

Meanwhile, over in Pakistan, the diatribe against the Indus Water Treaty, and India’s actions continues:

The Indus Water Treaty is an Indian water weapon against the country and it had been signed just to please the United States, said Engr Bashir A Malik, former chief technical advisor of United Nations and World Bank.


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