FDI News: India

“Pakistani companies may soon be able to invest in India as the government plans to strike off the country from a negative list that debarred investments from across the border.”

“FDI inflows to India declined 31% to $25 billion in 2010, a UN report said on Wednesday. This is worse than even Pakistan, where also FDI fell, but just 14% to $2 billion in a year when FDI to all other major destinations rose. In the same year, inflows to mainland China rose 11% to $106 billion and that to Hong Kong (China) an even sharper 32% to $69 billion. Bangladesh, which is yet to rid itself of the least developed country (LDC) tag, enhanced its status as a low-cost production location, especially for low-end manufacturing, by posting a 30% increase in FDI inflows to $913 million.”

On the last report, it would be nice to have a specific study on whether BITs/ISDS provisions in FTAs could help India. Any leads?


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